Dear Fellow Cartoonists,

After the meeting of the Pre-selection Committee on January 17 and January 24, 2021, the finalist cartoons of the 12th International Tourism Cartoon Competition were specified. 160 cartoons in the adult category and 63 cartoons in the youth category were chosen for the final evaluation. The finalist cartoons will be displayed on the organization website between February 1 and 9, 2021 before the evaluation of the final selection committee.

When you see any similar, copy cartoon/s or received an award before, and any fraud cartoon/s among the finalist cartoons, please write to organizing committee (There are numbers on every cartoons, you can use numbers when you are reporting). Any objections to authenticity will be considered until February 9, 2021.

The finalist cartoons are displayed on this web page.

Youth Category:

Adult Category:


Please write to:



Adult Category
The Grand Award The Second Award The Third Award

Valeriu Kurtu


Sait Munzur


Ross Thomson

United Kingdom

The Third Award Professor Atila Özer Recognition Award

Ivailo Tsvetkov


Youth Category
The Grand Award The Second Award The Third Award

Ümmühan Zeynep Akyürek

(age: 12)


Poyraz Din

(age: 11)


İnci Bilgen

(age: 14)


To the attention of esteemed cartoon artists,

Out of all those works submitted to the 11th International Tourism Cartoon Competition, the cartoon by Akbar Torabpour was deemed worthy of an award after the evaluation. In the days following the announcement of the works deemed worthy of the award, objections were received that a part of a work of French cartoonist André François (1915–2005) was copied from Akbar Torabpour’s worthy work.

As known, one of the rules of our contest is to make an initial announcement to investigate a possible case of plagiarism or obtaining a prize in advance, etc. It is announced for possible objections to matters. As a result, the works nominated for the final were announced both on the official website of the competition and on Facebook between 01 – 09 February 2020, as well as by e-mail, too. In the end, 34 objections were received regarding the claim of similarity, 30 of them were justified and not evaluated in the final evaluation. Among these objections, there was no the cartoon of Akbar Torabpour, nominated for the award.

After the announcement of the results, it was objected that the work of Akbar Torabpour, which was awarded the Atila Özer Special Prize, was copied exactly from a part of the work by André François

We are very sorry to have encountered such an upsetting and unethical situation in our meticulous organizations carried out meticulously. We have decided to cancel the prize of Akbar Torabpour and not to accept his future works in our next competitions.



Nazmi Kozak, Ph.D.

Competition Coordinator