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Kamil Yavuz was born in Istanbul in 1959. His first cartoons were published in the humor GırGır magazine in 1973. His first professional cartoons were published in the Çarşaf magazine in 1976. He worked as a page designer in humor magazines and newspapers. He has done numerous workshops with students in many schools since 1996. He has done workshops with adults and children in recent years, especially in the Aegean Region, Kazdağları. He participate in cartoon exhibitions around the world. 43 of his works have been awarded in various competitions all over the world. Among these are Turkey, Russia, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Uruguay, Korea, Ethiopia, China, Iran, USA and Taiwan. He hashad solo exhibitions in Paris-France (1994), Beijing-China (1998), Landeck-Austria (2000) and Tabriz/Tehran-Iran (2003). He has presented to an audience his book exhibition that’s titled “Goodbye Smoking, Hello Life”. The same exhibition was opened in 29 different cities in Turkey. He had 12,000 postcards and almost one million posters published from my book. He has published 20 books since 1991.

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Raşit Yakalı was born in Tire, Turkey. (1943). He worked as a teacher in an elementary school for five years. He started drawing cartoons with the encouragement of Semih Balcıoğlu. His first cartoon was published in Tercüman in 1962. He worked as a cartoonist at Yeni Asır (1964-1968), Pardon Humour Magazine (1969-1970), Dünya daily newspaper (1970-1987), Hürriyet daily newspaper (1887-1992), Fotospor (1993-1994), BRT Television (1995-1996). He drew daily cartoons for a newspaper; Bizim Gazete for six years. He held many personal exhibitions. He founded the Çarşaf Dergisi Cartoon School in 1980 and directed this school until 1992 (with his teacher Semih Balcıoğlu). Two of his books and two of his cartoons have been acquired by the Bulgarian and Canadian Cartoon Museums. He published Bilge Art Magazine (1964), Çağdaş Humour Magazine (1975-1976), Yeni Çuval Humour Magazine (1978-80). He published cartoon books , Çizgiyle (1973), İşçi Çizgisi (1975), Çizgi ile İcraatın İçinden (1984), Gözlüklü Martı (1987-with Reşit Aşçıoğlu), Günlük (1997). He is married with two children. He is a member of the Cartoonists Association, Journalists Association of Turkey, Sports Writers Association of Turkey and Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club. He has been running workshops on cartoon in educational institutions and social organizations for 50 years.

1970 Türkiye Spor Yazarları Derneği Yarışması
Üçüncülük Ödülü (İster Uyan, İster Uyanma sayfası ile Faik Akın ile müşterek).
1974 İtalya Marostika Uluslararası Karikatür Yarışması Üçüncülük Ödülü .
1978 Türkiye Spor Yazarları Derneği Yarışması Üçüncülük Ödülü .
1979 Türkiye Gazeteciler Cemiyeti Üçüncülük Ödülü.
1982 Türkiye Gazeteciler Cemiyeti Yarışması Başarı Ödülü.
1984 Türkiye Gazeteciler Cemiyeti Yılın Gazetecisi Ödülü.
1988 K.T. Karikatürcüler Derneği (Sağlık) Mansiyon ödülü
1996 Serdar Çakırer Karikatür Yarışması Karikatürcüler Derneği Özel Ödülü.
1998 Türkiye Spor Yazarları Derneği Yarışması Birincilik Ödülü .
1999 Türkiye Spor Yazarları Derneği Yarışması İkincilik Ödülü .
2000 Nehar Tüblek Karikatür yarışması Dünya Gazetesi Ödülü.
2000 Türkiye Spor Yazarları Derneği Yarışması Birincilik Ödülü
2001 Türkiye Spor Yazarları Derneği Yarışması İkincilik Ödülü
2002 Tayvan Excellent (Mükemmellik) ödülü
2002 Türkiye Spor yazarları Derneği Yarışması Birincilik Ödülü
2002 Esenyurt Belediyesi Özel Ödülü
2003 Skopje (Üsküp) Makedonya Uluslararası Yarışması Birincilik Ödülü
2013 Makedonya Uluslararası Karikatür Yarışması Birincilik Ödülü
2014 Türkiye Gazeteciler Cemiyeti Burhan Felek Basın Hizmetleri Ödülü
2015 Anadolu Karikatürcüler Derneği Karikatür Hizmet Ödülü
2016 Çukurova Karikatür Festivali 50. Yıl Onur Plaketi

Click here for Raşit Yakalı’s caricature training photos.
Click here for some of Raşit Yakalı’s cartoons
Click here for the photos of the award ceremony (26 November 2021, Istanbul, Turkey).


Ahmet Aykanat  was born in 1950 in Delemenler, a village near Alaşehir, Turkey. He received his philosophy degree from İstanbul University in 1974. After working as a high school teacher for many years, in 1992 he began giving lectures on philosophy at Uludağ University (Bursa, Turkey), Department of Education, where he also initiated cartoon drawing courses. Upon his retirement in 2000, he has continued teaching cartoon drawing by giving courses in various elementary schools, as well as by organizing workshops for different age groups in a non-profit educational center (Nilüfer Gençlik Merkezi) in Bursa. Since the publication of his first cartoon in 1969, he has worked for many local newspapers and his cartoons have appeared in many periodicals across the globe. He also published three cartoon catalogues. Aykanat is a distinguished cartoonist with over 50 awards in international cartoon contests and festivals. Since 2007, he has been the founder president of Anatolian Cartoon Association.

Local Awards: 1973- Akşehir Nasrettin Hoca Genç Karikatürcüler (2/1) (Birincilik – First Prize ) (Türkiye – Turkey) 1978-Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Karikatür Kulübü-Başarı Ödülü (3/1) (Başarı Ödülü – Success Prize ) (Türkiye – Turkey) 1979-İstanbul T.M.M.B.O.-İşçi Sağlığı ve İş Güvenligi (3/1) (Mansiyon – Mention ) ( (Türkiye – Turkey) 1980-Bilim Eğitim Kurultayı-TÜMAS İzmir Şubesi Ödülü ( Special Prize ) (Türkiye – Turkey) 1988-Yayıncılar Birliği (5/1) ( Mansiyon – Mention) (Türkiye – Turkey) 1989-Marmara ve Boğazlar Belediyeler Birliği (3/1) ( Mansiyon – Mention) (Türkiye – Turkey) 1994-Yunus Nadi Karikatür ödülü (Birincilik – First Prize) (Türkiye – Turkey) 1996-Pamukbank -Karikatücüler Derneği ( Özel Ödülü – Special Prze) (Türkiye – Turkey) 2004-Terra Karikatür yarışması (3/1) ( Jüri Özel ödülü – Special prize) (Türkiye – Turkey) 2006-6. Kapadokya Karikatür Y.-Semih Balcıoğlu ( Özel ödül – Special Prize) (Türkiye – Turkey) 2006-İzoder Karikatür Yarışması (Birincilik – First Prize) (Türkiye – Turkey) 2008-Yunus Nadi Karikatür Ödülü (1/2) (Birincilik – First Prize) (Türkiye – Turkey) 2009-14. Nehar Tüblek (İkincilik Second Prize) (Türkiye – Turkey) 2009-1. Eskişehir Sanat Derneği (3/1) ( Mansiyon – Mention) (Türkiye – Turkey) 2009-3. Buca (üçüncülük – Third Prize) (Türkiye – Turkey) 2009-2. Mordoğan (Birincilik – First Prize) (Türkiye – Turkey) 2009-1. Altın Çizgi-Kuşadası (3/1) ( Mansiyon -Mention) (Türkiye – Turkey) 2010-4.idesbaş-İzmir (Birincilik – First Prize ) (Türkiye – Turkey) 2009-1. Altın Çizgi (3/1) (Kuşadası-Mansiyon -Mention) (Türkiye – Turkey) 2010-4.idesbaş İzmir ( Birincilik -First Prize) ((Türkiye – Turkey)

International Awards:1977-Gabrova ( Medal) – (Bulgaria ) 1987- 5. Hürriyet Sedat Simavi Cartoon Contest– (Mention) (Türkiye – Turkey) 1988- 9. Yomiuri Shimbun(Japan) – Jury Special Prize Selection C. (1/5) 1995- 27. Umoristi a Marosti

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