Evaluation Declarations

  1. Works submitted to the competition will be evaluated in two stages.
  2. In the first stage, all the works will be pre-evaluated at a meeting held by Pre-Evaluation Selection Committee members. At the end of this meeting, finalist works will be determined. No more than 1/5 of the works submitted to the competition will be taken for further evaluation.
  3. Before continuing with the second stage, finalist works will be announced on the internet between 1 and 9 February 2023. Similar and copy works, plagiarism, previously awarded works, and other objections will be decided by the Pre-Evaluation Selection Committee members and due to the reasonable objections, on which the committee will reach a consensus, related works will be eliminated.
  4. At the second stage, finalist works will be re-evaluated by Final Selection Committee Members. This time, evaluation will be done in two sub-stages. In the first stage, the number of finalist woks will be reduced to 45-50 and, in the last stage, winners will be determined.
  5. Evaluation of the submitted works will be done based on three critical issues mentioned below.
  • Selection and convenience of the topic,
  • Quality of humor,
  • Originality of drawing.